Cryptosino.GG: Decentralized Gambling

Cryptosino.GG exists as an alternative to the traditional centralized casino. All contracts are deployed to the Polygon/Matic mainnet. This ensures not only the affordability of using the casino but also the speed necessary for a casino atmosphere. All games within the Cryptosino are secured using Chainlink’s VRF function allowing for verifiably random games. All code is open source and can be viewed at While still in its infancy, originally created as a hack-a-thon submission, Cryptosino is now being worked on full time with a bright future ahead.



At the moment Cryptosino has two games live on the Polygon/Matic Network, secured using Chainlink’s VRF.

~Firstly, Coinflip is a 50/50 game built to emulate an IRL coin flip, users are able to either create their own coin flip games for whatever amount of Matic they want or join any live game that has been created. Upon the joining of a coin flip, the contract calls Chainlink’s VRF to pick winner and disperses funds accordingly.

~Secondly, Jackpot is an all or nothing lottery/jackpot game. A user initializes a jackpot with a timer of X minutes (set to ten by default but can be updated). For the next X minutes users can join with as large of bets as they desire. The Jackpot contract allocates tickets to each player at a rate of 1 ticket/Matic bet. After that ten minutes is up a final user joins and the contract uses Chainlink’s VRF to select a random ticket to disperse the winnings too.

Future Plans:

The Cryptosino aims to distance itself from typical DeFi cash grabs with the implementation of a Cryptosino Governance token. This token would not only allow holders to vote on the direction of the Cryptosino, i.e games, UI, etc., but also make them money in the process. The idea is to shift the house fee taken on bets within the Cryptosino to instead direct to a vault contract. This vault contract would then periodically pay out to all governance token holders. Furthermore, this incentivizes the growth of both the Cryptosino and the tokens value due to their mutually assured success.

Cryptosino.GG is an alternative to the typical centralized casino. Cryptosino is built upon the Ethereum Virtual Machine and secured using Chainlink's VRF.